Polyurethane Self Leveling Coating

PÜRKAY-BİO 019/01 Poliüretan Self Levelling

Solventsiz, renkli, plastik elastikiyetinde, kendi kendine yayılan, iki komponentli poliüretan zemin kaplama malzemesi

PÜRKAY Polyurethane PolyNaturel Self Leveling

Solvent-free, colored,with plastic elasticity, decorative, two-component polyurethane flooring material obtained by blending two close colors

PÜRKAY Polyurethane EbruArt Self Leveling

Solvent-free, colored, self-leveling, allows the design of Ebru Art on the floor, colors are intertwined with each other, decorative, two-component polyurethane floor covering material

PÜRKAY 032 Polyurethane Elastic Rubber Mat Paste

Solvent-free, polyurethane putty, developed for sports floors, fills the pores in rubber mat, elastic, two-component polyurethane filler

PÜRKAY 031 Polyurethane PolyArt Self Leveling

Solvent-free, colored, UV-resistant, non-yellowing, semi-elastic, self-leveling, decorative, two-component, aliphatic polyurethane flooring material

PÜRKAY 022/A Polyurethane Semi-Elastic Putty

Solvent-free, semi-elastic, thixotropic, two-component polyurethane putty for repair and cove production, sanding and painting is possible.

PÜRKAY 028/07 Polyurethane Elastic Self Leveling

Solvent-free, colored, elastic self levelling coating with same elasticity at every point of the surface, two-component polyurethane sports flooring material

PÜRKAY 8002 Polyurethane Rubber Granule Binder

An elastic, one-component polyurethane binder developed for bonding granular rubber or EPDM rubber granules

PÜRKAY 020 Polyurethane Rubber Mat Adhesive

Solvent-free, two-component, water-insoluble polyurethane adhesive used for bonding elastic rubber mat on concrete floor, developed for sports floors

PÜRKAY 019/02 Polyurethane Self Leveling

Solvent-free, colored, plastic-elastic, self-leveling, two-component polyurethane floor coating material

PÜRKAY-BIO 019/01 Polyurethane Self Levelling

Solvent-free, colored, plastically elastic, self-leveling, two-component polyurethane flooring material

PÜRKAY 018 Polyurethane UV Resistant Transparent Casting Resin

Solvent-free, transparent, UV-resistant, elastic, two-component polyurethane casting resin

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