PÜRKAY 8002 Polyurethane Rubber Granule Binder

An elastic, one-component polyurethane binder developed for bonding granular rubber or EPDM rubber granules

Definition and Feature

PÜRKAY 8002 is a polyurethane-based, one-component, elastic binder (BINDER) developed to bind granular rubber or EPDM rubber granules.
It is a water-insoluble material, resistant to chemicals, resistant to sunlight and external conditions, with excellent binding.


Mixing ratio : Granule : Binder = 5 : 1.2 ( by weight ) ( for 1 – 4 mm. granule )
Consumption: 1 cm. Approximately 2 kg of binder is used in granule coating in thickness and 1m² size. This amount is variable according to the granule grain diameter.
Usage Period : 30 – 60 minutes at 20 °C ambient temperature after starting the mixing process
Specific Gravity : 1.13 gr/cm³ (at 25ºC)
Viscosity : 1800 mPas. (at 25ºC)
Storage : The waiting period is 12 months when stored in its original packaging at temperatures between 15 – 35 ° C.
Packaging : In 20 kg package
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