70% of the areas suitable for floor coating can be covered with epoxy or polyurethane systems. However, only one of the epoxy or polyurethane systems can be used in the remaining 30%. Therefore, in order to decide which system will be used for the floor covering of an area, it is necessary to evaluate all […]

1) Which materials do you think will be the trend in flooring materials in 2021? Natural materials are still in trend. 2) What are your views on old and reused products in your designs? (Ex. Terrazzo) Old solid wood coatings, blended bricks etc. 3) Would you prefer flooring materials produced responsibly and with environmental awareness […]

What is Antistatic Flooring? Antistatic flooring reduces, disperses/removes or prevents the generation of static electricity. Therefore, ESD flooring systems fit this definition, but the terms are not interchangeable. While some materials provide less static charge build-up when used for flooring, special static control flooring systems must be connected to the ground line to safely distribute […]

A functional and purpose-built floor is critical for a safe and hygienic production environment in food and beverage facilities. The floor is hygienic, non-slip, easy to clean and durable, providing a safe environment to work. Choosing the right floor is important for any work environment. The environments where food and beverages are processed must have […]

Dutch Architect Rem Koolhaas talks about the concept of “Generic City” in his work named S,M,L,XL and defines it through structures that cannot be attached to a local, framed identity such as airports and which must appeal to all humanity. Koolhaas mainly focuses on the idea of uniformizing the cities, the structures that make up […]

Before applying a floor covering material, it is necessary to evaluate the pros and cons of each material, so that you can choose the floor covering that best suits your needs. Epoxy floor coatings, which are very successful in physical and chemical resistance, offer many advantages over other traditional applications applied on concrete. Epoxy-based flooring […]

Factors affecting the decision when choosing flooring; hygiene, dust-free, aesthetics, maintenance, durability and application. When we consider these factors, we see that epoxy-based systems have features that can offer a number of unique features. In terms of aesthetics, epoxy floor coating is used with admiration by many designers, project preparers and architects due to its […]

According to a survey conducted by SunTrust Bank of America last year, more than 30% of homeowners cite flooring as their least favorite thing in their home, and 73% of homeowners say they are planning some type of improvement project. Based on this survey, we can consider floor coverings as one of the most renovated […]

Perhaps the most important of the reasons why epoxy is preferred in floor coating applications is its advanced aesthetic character, which epoxy has evolved as of today . In addition to beautifying the areas where floor coating is applied, epoxy is also preferred because it is durable. An epoxy floor coating that has both chemical […]

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