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  • Production

    We produce our industrial, decorative and sports floorings in our own facilities.

  • Application

    We also provide support on demand during the implementation phase.

  • After Sales Support

    We are with you after the application as well. We always provide support in maintenance and repair work.


In the first stage, the top layer of the concrete surface is mechanically cleaned with rotating machines fitted with abrasive tips. Then, the surface is made dust free with industrial type vacuum cleaner.

Surface is primed with epoxy based primer and quartz sand is broadcasted on to the wet primer. After the primer is cured, theexcess sand is renoved.

After this stage, epoxy or polyurethane based self leveling material is applied as scatch coating. The self leveling is applied on to the scratch coaitng by use of a toothed trowel. In polyurethane systems, a topcoat paint is applied by roller.

  • Preparation of the concrete surface with grinding machines
  • Cleaning of concrete floor with industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Dust removal of the floor with industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Continue vacuum cleaning until dust-free surface is obtained
  • Widening, cleaning and repair of the cracks
  • Grinding of the repaired floor
  • Grinding and cleaning of the repaired floor
  • Application of the epoxy primer with straight edge trowel
  • Application of Epoxy Primer with paint roller
  • Sanding of Epoxy Primer
  • Detailing with Epoxy Mortar
  • Detailing with Epoxy Mortar
  • Application of Scratch Coating
  • Applying the scratch coating at the corners
  • Application of the scratch coating- standing up
  • Application of the Epoxy Self Levelling
  • Application of the Epoxy Self Levelling
  • Application of the spiked roller onto Epoxy Self Leveling
  • Application of the spiked roller onto Epoxy Self Leveling
  • Cutting the joints
  • Covering the edges of the joints with masking tape
  • Application of elastic mastic into the joints
  • Finalised epoxy coating application

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