PÜRKAY WB Epoxy Conductive Primer

Water-based, electrically conductive, two-component epoxy primer

PÜRKAY WB Epoxy Concrete Primer

Water-based, unfilled, vapor permeable, breathable, three component epoxy primer that can be applied on green concrete

PÜRKAY Penetration Primer

Two component epoxy primer used for strengthening weak concrete and similar substrates, has low viscosity, contains solvent.

PÜRKAY Epoxy Repair Mortar

Two component epoxy repair mortar with high adhesion ability to concrete surfaces

PÜRKAY Epoxy Moisture Tolerant Primer

Two component, epoxy based primer to be used under moist environment, can be applied on to concrete surfaces with up to 8% relative humidity.

PÜRKAY Epoxy Moisture Barrier

Two component, epoxy primer that can be applied on concrete surfaces with high moisture content. It prevents water rise from the negatice side, it acts a moisture barrier. It is without solvent and without filler.

PÜRKAY Epoxy Concrete Primer

Two component epoxy primer that can be applied on substrates that has 5% relative moisture content.The Primer is without solvent and filler.

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