PÜRKAY Penetration Primer

Two component epoxy primer used for strengthening weak concrete and similar substrates, has low viscosity, contains solvent.



PÜRKAY Penetration Primer is a 2-component, solvent-containing, transparent primer used for reinforcing weak concrete and similar surfaces. It penetrates the pores of the concrete surface very well, allowing the surface to be covered with polyurethane or epoxy self-leveling material. Where concrete moisture is a maximum of 5% as measured by the CM Moisture Meter (carbide method) used.


Mixing ratio : 9:4.8 (By Weight)
Density (Mixture) : 1.08-0.05 gr/cm³ 23°C TS EN ISO 2811-1
Solids Mixture (%): 90 by weight
Viscosity : 300±50 mPas
Application Thinner: not thinned
Mixture Life : 30±5 Minutes (DIN 16945)
Consumption: 200-250 g/m² per 1 m² depending on the surface absorbency
Drying Time: Powder Drying: 6-8 hours at 23°C TS 4317
Touch Dry:12-14hrs 23°CTS 4317
Full Drying: 7 days at 23°C TS 4317
Storage : 12 months in original packaging, below 12-25ºC, protected from frost.
Packaging : 9+4.8kg
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