PÜRKAY Epoxy Moisture Tolerant Primer

Two component, epoxy based primer to be used under moist environment, can be applied on to concrete surfaces with up to 8% relative humidity.


Definition and Features

PÜRKAY Epoxy Moisture Tolerant Primer is a solvent-free epoxy-based impregnation primer used on concrete surfaces up to 8% humidity. It has good penetration properties and is resistant to chemicals. It fills the capillary spaces of concrete floors, increases its strength and acts as an adherence bridge for the epoxy coating or paints that will come after it.


Colour : Transparent
Mixing ratio : 60/40 (by weight)
Pot life: 30-40 min. / 23 o C, 200 g. DIN 16945
Consumption: depending on the surface; 100-150 gr/ m2
Drying time: Powder drying: 3-4 hours 23 o C TS 4317
Touch dry: 8-10 hours at 23 o C TS 4317
Full drying: 7 days 23 o C TS 4317
Density (20°C): 1.00-1.10 gr/cm 3 TS EN ISO 2811-1
Packaging : 12+8 kg
Storage : 12 months in original packaging, below 12-25ºC, protected from frost.
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