PÜRKAY 022/A Polyurethane Semi-Elastic Putty

Solvent-free, semi-elastic, thixotropic, two-component polyurethane putty for repair and cove production, sanding and painting is possible.

Definition and Feature

PÜRKAY 022/A Polyurethane Semi-Elastic Putty is a two-component, semi-elastic putty. Resistant to aging, salt and many chemicals (acid, base, and many types of solvents) it is durable. It exceeds the elongation and elasticity coefficients of the applied material. It is an easy to use, thixotropic, odorless, hard but elastic putty that does not flow on vertical surfaces.


Colour: Beige
Mixing ratio: Base Material : Hardener = 6 : 1 (by weight)
Pot-Life: 55±5
Appearance: semi glossy, plain
Storage: 12 months when stored in its original package, below 35ºC, protected from frost.
Packaging: In 1 kg combined box
Shore D: 30±5
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