PÜRKAY 019/02 Polyurethane Self Leveling

Solvent-free, colored, plastic-elastic, self-leveling, two-component polyurethane floor coating material


PÜRKAY 019/02 Polyurethane Self Leveling is a self-leveling, solvent-free, two-component, polyurethane-based, industrial flooring material. It provides safe use because it is solvent-free. In cases where high abrasion resistance and scratch resistance are required, PÜRKAY 066 PU topcoat paint is used for interiors and PÜRKAY 076 PU topcoat paint is used for exteriors. The new generation water-based PÜRKAY 086 topcoat paint gives excellent results in this type of self-leveling materials.


Colour : in many RAL colors
Mixing ratio : Base material : Hardener = 4 : 1 (by weight)
Pot-Life: 35 ± 5 min.
Consumption: For 1 mm thickness; 1.48 kg/m² (Recommended thickness is 2 mm)
Curing time: 12 hours depending on relative humidity and temperature.
Density (25°C): Main Material: 1.55 ± 0.07 gr/cm³
Mixture: 1.45 ± 0.07 gr/cm³
Viscosity (25º C): Hardener : 210 ±30 mPas (rotor 2, V:30)
Mixture : 1.800 ± 500 mPas (rotor 2, V:6)
VOC: 0*
TOC: Mixture: 40-46%
Chemical Resistance : Resistant to dilute acid, water, fuel and mineral oils.
Heat Resistance : Approx. 100°C (cured product)
Fire Resistance: It has received positive results from the examinations and tests carried out in accordance with the Turkish Standards numbered TS EN ISO 11925-2. **
Hardness Degree : Shore D: 55 ± 5(1 day later) (D2240-05)
Pressure Resistance : 12.4 N/mm 2 (DIN 53 454)
Contents: Hardener low vapor pressure polymeric Contains MDI. The main material consists of a mixture of polyether and polyester, as well as pigments and fillers.
Storage : Storage period is 1 year when stored in its original packaging, protected from frost and under 35º C.
Packaging : In 16 + 4 kg tin cans
Cleaning : With 314 Cleaner.

* EU regulation 2004/42 : According to EU Directive 2004/42, the maximum volatile organic compound (VOC) content allowed in the ready-to-use product is 550/500 g/L. (2007/2010 limits)

** Report No: AB-0001-T 80802 Tested products It complies with the criteria of TS EN 13501 Table 2 Peer class.

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