PÜRKAY 020 Polyurethane Rubber Mat Adhesive

Solvent-free, two-component, water-insoluble polyurethane adhesive used for bonding elastic rubber mat on concrete floor, developed for sports floors

Definition and Features

PÜRKAY 020 Polyurethane Rubber Mat Adhesive is a polyurethane-based, two-component, solvent-free, water-insoluble adhesive developed for sports floors.

PÜRKAY 020 is resistant to aging, water and many chemicals. PÜRKAY 020 It is an elastic, odorless, durable, two-component product that does not spoil the elasticity of the rubber sheet. Due to its water resistance, it prevents the rubber sheet from separating from the concrete surface even in case of flooding.


Colour : off-white
Mixing ratio : Base material : Hardener = 5 : 1 (by weight)
Pot-Life: 40 ± 5 min.
Consumption: 0.800 – 1.200 kg/m² depending on the application surface
Usage Period : After starting the mixing process, it is 30 – 45 minutes at 20 °C ambient temperature.
Density (25°C): Main Material: 1.90 ± 0.06 gr/cm³
Mixture: 1.70 ± 0.06 gr/cm³
Viscosity (25º C): Base Material: 55,000 ± 5000 mPas
Hardener: 210 ±30 mPas (rotor 2, V:30)
Mixture: 200.000 ± 5000 mPas
Fire Resistance: It has received positive results from the examinations and tests carried out in accordance with the Turkish Standards numbered TS EN ISO 11925-2. *
Hardness Degree : Shore D: 35 ± 5
Storage : Storage period is 1 year when stored in its original packaging, protected from frost and under 35º C.
Packaging : Main Material: 15kg
Hardener: 3 kg

* Report No: AB-0001-T 80802 Tested products It complies with the criteria of TS EN 13501 Table 2 Peer class.

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