PÜRKAY 076 Polyurethane, UV Resistant Topcoat Paint

Solvent-containing, impact and abrasion resistant, elastic, UV resistant, non-yellowing, easy to clean, hygienic, colored, two-component aliphatic polyurethane paint to be used indoor and outdoor.

Definition and Feature

PÜRKAY 076 Polyurethane UV Resistant Top Coat Paint is a 2-component, polyurethane-based paint. It is resistant to aging, water and sea water, salt and many chemicals, outdoor weather conditions (acid, base, and many types of solvents). It is resistant to impacts and friction. It is resistant to UV. It provides impermeability to the applied surface.


Colour : in many RAL colors
Mixing ratio : Base material : Hardener = 100:30 (by weight)
Pot life: 6 – 8 Hours.
Consumption: 0.200 – 0.300 kg/m² in 2 coats depending on the application surface
Drying Time: Surface Drying: 4 – 6 hours (at 23ºC)
Full Dry: 24 hours
Full Hardening: 7 days
Fire Resistance: It has received positive results from the examinations and tests carried out in accordance with the Turkish Standards numbered TS EN ISO 11925-2.*
VOC: Main Material: 460-540 g/L
Mixture: 410-475 g/L
Hardener: 260-270 g/L
TOC: Mixture: 42-50%
Appearance: glossy, plain, transparent
Taber Wear: (CS 10 disc, 10 N weight, 500/1000 rpm): 20/42 mg. ASTM D4060
Pendulum Hardness: (7 days later): 30 sec. DIN 53157
Erichsen Value: 10mm DIN ISO 1520
Non-slip: Dry: R13 Wet: R13 DIN 51131
Anti-slip scot: Matt(dry): 1.20 Matt(wet): 1.11
Semi-Fire (dry): 1.19 Semi-Fire (wet): 1.28
Gloss(dry) :1.26 Gloss(wet):1.28
Contents: The hardener contains aliphatic isocyanate with low vapor pressure. Main material polyester and polyether resins with pigment.
Storage : The waiting period is 1 year when stored in its original package, below 35ºC, protected from frost.
Packaging : In 12 + 3.6 kg packages

* Report No: AB-0001-T 80802 Tested samples comply with TS EN 13501 Table 2 Efl class criteria.

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