PÜRKAY TC 44 Epoxy Topcoat Paint-Solvent

Two-component epoxy paint with high surface hardness, high mechanical strength and easy cleaning properties


PÜRKAY TC 44 Epoxy Topcoat Paint is a two-component, solvent-containing epoxy paint. It has high mechanical resistance, resistance to various chemicals, excellent surface hardness and aesthetic appearance. It provides a dust-free and easy-to-clean environment. It is used on floors exposed to medium and heavy loads. Easy to apply.


Brightness : Shiny
Mixture Density (25ºC): 1.15 ± 0.05 gr/cm³ TS EN ISO 2811-1
Mixture Viscosity (25ºC): 2,000 ± 300 mPas
Solids Mixture (%): 60-70 by weight
Mixing ratio : By weight :A/B: 100:25
Mixture Life (25ºC) : 40-60 min. /23ºC, 200 gr. DIN 16945
Method of Application : Brush, Roller
Consumption: Single coat: 0.100-0.150 gr/m²
Double: 0.200-0.300 gr/m²
Drying Time: Powder Drying: 40-60 min. 23ºC TS 4317
Touch Dry: 3-5 hours at 23ºC TS 4317
Overcoat Application: 24 hours at 23ºC TS 4317
Full Dry: 7 days at 23ºC TS 4317
Storage : When stored in its original packaging at 10-30ºC, the storage period is years.
Packaging : 16+4 kg
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