PÜRKAY SL 24 ESD Epoxy Self Leveling

PÜRKAY SL 24 ESD Epoxy Self Leveling is an epoxy-based floor coating material with ESD properties, with a resistance between 1x10E5 and 1x 10E9 Ohm/m2.

Characteristics and Properties

PÜRKAY SL 24 Epoxy ESD Self Levelling is a solvent free, electro static dissipative (ESD), two-pack epoxy self leveling coating for industrial flooring. Has excellent adhesion to surface when used with appropriate concrete primer (such as PÜRKAY Epoxy Concrete Primer). It has high resistance to chemicals and excellent ESD property with high load bearing capability. The ESD epoxy flooring dissipates static electrical charges from surfaces.

Typical use

All areas where ESD control is required such as; electric and electronic device production plants, aeroplane hangers, car production plants, medical diagnosis rooms and operation theaters in health centres, automotive painting ateliers, as well as production facilities, industrial buildings, warehouses, commercial sites and similar areas where electric conductivity is requested.  PÜRKAY  SL 24 ESD Epoxy Self Levelling product is part of a flooring system, for fdetails please contact our technical personnel.


Concrete, stone, brick, rock and similar construction materials.



Colour : Most RAL colours
Mixing Ratio : 100/20 by weight
Pot life : 35 ± 5 minutes
Consumption : 1.40 kg for 1 mm  (Recommended thickness 2 mm)
Curing Time : Depending on relative humidity and temperature, 10- 12 hours(complete cure in 7 days)
Density (23oC) :Mixture : 1.40 ± 0.05 gr/cm3  (TS EN ISO 2811-1)
VOC: A+B : < 240 g/L
EU Regulation 2004/42 : According to the EU-Directive 2004/42 the maximum

allowed content of VOC is 550/500 g/L (Limits 2007/2010) for the ready to use product.

TOC: %46-50
Shore Hardness: (D) 85 ± 5
Conductivity : 1x10E5 < ohm  ≤ 1x10E9   (DIN 51953)
Heat Resistance : humid conditions 80 ºC, dry conditions 120 ºC
Solid Material (%) :  100 % by weight

100 % by volume

Storage : Can be stored in original container, for 1 year under

35°C and protected from freezing

Packaging : A/B = 20+4 kg set

Mechanical Resistance


Compression Strength (N/mm2) 40-45  DIN 53504 TS 1967
Tensile Strength           (N/mm2) 15-20   DIN 53504 TS 1967
Elongation                   (%) 0,8-1,0 DIN 53504 TS 1967
Flexural Strength         (N/mm2) 10-12   DIN 52371 TS 985
E-Modulus                  (N/mm2) 18-20   DIN 52371 TS 985
Abrasion Resistance 30        Taber, ASTM D 4060-95


Technical hints

The mixed material must be used within the pot-life, otherwise irreversible gelation of the product occurs. All equipment must be cleaned immediately after use. Use of protective rubber gloves is recommended.



The substrates to be applied must be free of loose particles, oil, grease and other impurities. The substrate must be primed with PÜRKAY Concrete Primer. Defects must be repaired with epoxy filler. Special attention should be paid to the moisture content of the substrate to ensure that there are no other adhesion problems or undesirable side-reactions. For successful results, concrete substrates should have a moisture content of <5% and application should be carried out at a substrate temperature equivalent to the prevailing dew point plus 3°C.

Self-adhering copper tapes are placed on to the primed (or intermediate coat applied) surface, (In case surface is not very level PÜRKAY Epoxy Intermediate Coat should be applied.) Copper tapes should be in contact with each other to ensure successful electric contact and should be connected to the ground of the building.

In case PÜRKAY ESD Epoxy Flooring System is going to be applied in several layers, the re-coat period between layers should be within 12-24 hours. In places where the 24 hour period is exceeded, the surface should be sanded (emery paper or scotch brite).


PÜRKAY SL 24 Epoxy ESD Self Levelling comes in two separate cans. The contents of the hardener (B) should be poured fully in to the can of main component (A). The mixing of the two components can be done with the help of an electrical mixer, such as a stirrer attached to a power drill. Application of the material can be achieved by help of a toothed trowel. After the coating is applied on to the floor, in order to release the air bubbles and help levelling, spiked roller should be travelled on the fresh coating.  The applied surface must be protected from water for at least 6-8 hours.


Avoid skin contact with Hardener, all soiled equipment and such should be cleaned immediately. Do not induce vomiting, seek for medical advice. Use protective goggles and gloves.

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