PÜRKAY-BIO PAREKS Parquet Adhesive



PÜRKAY-BİO PAREKS is a two-component, solvent-free, polyurethane-based, water-insoluble parquet adhesive produced with sustainable resources. It gives excellent results in bonding wood to concrete, has high adherence to the surface it is applied to. It is a material resistant to aging, salt and many chemicals. It exceeds the elongation and elasticity coefficients of the applied wood. It is an easy to use, odorless, strong and elastic adhesive. Since it is not affected by heat, using it in underfloor heating systems gives ideal results.


Colour : Base Material: Beige, Hardener: Dark Brown
Mixing ratio : Base material : Hardener = 6 : 1
Pot-Life: 45 ± 5 minutes
Consumption: Depending on the applied surface and desired thickness
0,800 – 1,000 kg/m2 with B3 comb
1,000-1,300 kg/m2 with B11 card
Drying time: 6-8 hours
Curing time: 24 hours
Density (at 25ºC): Main Material: 1.80 ± 0.08 gr/cm3
Mixture: 1.72 ± 0.05 gr/cm3
viscosity (at 25ºC) : Base Material: 65000 – 100000 mPas
Mixture: 31000 ± 6000 mPas
Appearance : Main Material: Thick
Hardener: Flowable
Smell : Main Material: Odorless
Hardener: Odorless
Application Temperature: 20°C ± 10°C
Heat resistance : 0°C ± 75°C
Hardness Degree : ShoreD: 45 ±5
Contents : The hardener contains isocyanate with a low vapor pressure. The main material consists of polyether, polyester resins, pigment and extender.
Storage : 12 months in unopened original packaging when stored under 35°C and protected from frost.
Packaging : 6 kg plastic box 1 kg plastic box
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