Perhaps the most important of the reasons why epoxy is preferred in floor coating applications is its advanced aesthetic character, which epoxy has evolved as of today .

In addition to beautifying the areas where floor coating is applied, epoxy is also preferred because it is durable.

An epoxy floor coating that has both chemical and physical resistance and an aesthetic appearance .The thickness of the slab can be shaped according to the customer’s request. Final Silky matte or glossy appearance can also be achieved with a water-based polyurethane transparent top coat that can be applied over it.. Be with flecks, drop effects or smooth finishesEpoxy, which stands out as a decorative element in many areas because it can be produced and applied in any and all RAL colors , can also stand out with its easy-to-wipe feature .

Epoxy floors are used in many industrial and commercial areas to provide a high-performance, smooth and heavy-duty surface that can withstand years of use .

Epoxy floor coatings do not add any areas where they are applied . and transforms them into stylish spaces and provides an elegant appearance. The glossy surface complements any decorative lighting you have. from light epoxy When it reflects and spreads to the environment , the area acquires a different dimension.

Epoxy floor systems also cover past defects on the floor. Equipping the application area in the right tones is possible with the design and color options provided by the epoxy-based floor coating .

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