Factors affecting the decision when choosing flooring; hygiene, dust-free, aesthetics, maintenance, durability and application.

When we consider these factors, we see that epoxy-based systems have features that can offer a number of unique features.

In terms of aesthetics, epoxy floor coating is used with admiration by many designers, project preparers and architects due to its various gloss (when a PU-based transparent topcoat is applied on it) levels, as well as nearly 200 color options and the flexibility to realize special designs. Other decorative visual options offered by epoxy include colored fleck application and metallic-looking coatings.

In terms of maintenance, since epoxy is a seamless material, it protects the surface from dirt, liquids and other contaminants. Being seamless makes cleaning easier, a successful cleaning can only be achieved with a general purpose cleaner and standard cleaning methods. There is no need for additional polishing as in PVC systems. Epoxy floors do not require much maintenance other than standard cleaning, which means they are a value-added product in the long run. Epoxy floors with a long service life are the preferred coatings in many areas thanks to their low maintenance cost.

When evaluating the durability criterion, the workloads that epoxy floors can handle can vary from pedestrian traffic to truck and forklift traffic. When we consider the daily use resulting from various equipment and production processes, industrial flooring systems stand out among many other flooring options due to their durability. Epoxy floor coatings, which are also resistant to abrasion and chemicals, meet the physical and chemical durability needs of most industrial manufacturers.

Epoxy paint or coating applied to a properly wiped floor adheres to the surface very well, an epoxy floor coating applied to the floor with the application method determined by the manufacturer will function in a quality that can serve for years. As well as the product quality, the application must also be successful. When these two elements are correct, an epoxy paint or coating that can provide long-lasting service is achieved.