According to a survey conducted by SunTrust Bank of America last year, more than 30% of homeowners cite flooring as their least favorite thing in their home, and 73% of homeowners say they are planning some type of improvement project. Based on this survey, we can consider floor coverings as one of the most renovated or refurbished decoration tools.

The design of the house or workplace is an investment item that creates added value, as it has an importance to increase the value of the real estate.

When choosing a flooring material, besides its appearance, the functionality, usage properties and safety of the material are among the issues to be considered.

While there are many different flooring material options available today, trends often determine which is the best. For example, while wooden floors were very popular in the past, today wood-like ceramic or porcelain tiles have started to attract attention. At one time, pile carpets, tiles and herringbone parquets were in trend.

So what will be the trend of the new era?

“Old is new and new is new again,” says designer Sarah Barnard.

It seems that one of the materials that will become a trend again in 2021 will be the “terrazzo” systems that have been serving successfully in many places for many years. These classical terrazzo systems, which are both high in visual effect and excellent in durability, are the result of pouring the colored aggregate added into the mixture obtained by mixing cement, sand and water together and pouring it onto the floor and wiping it with a mosaic slime machine after curing. They evolved into layered Epoxy terrazzo systems. Of course, the classical system terrazzo, that is, poured mosaic applications, continues today, but Epoxy terrazzo has an important feature; Epoxy can hold onto mineral-based products very well, and relatively more expensive aggregate types can be mixed into epoxy terrazzos poured as thin layers, and very aesthetic visuals can be obtained. Many products such as mirror, flat glass, colored glass shards, mussel shell shards can be used on epoxy terrazzo. Since epoxy terrazzos also undergo surface wiping mechanically like classical types, the visual effect obtained can be much more successful than calico types. On the other hand, as a result of the epoxy resin being more durable in cement/sand/water mixture, a floor covering that can serve for nearly 30 years can be obtained.

Epoxy terrazzo systems, which have a very long floor covering renewal period as a result of the ageless appearance of epoxy-based terrazzos and their long-term serviceability, are therefore seen as an environmentally friendly product. Although the initial investment cost seems to be high, it is preferred by many long-term investors and business people due to its trouble-free service for many years.

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