Before applying a floor covering material, it is necessary to evaluate the pros and cons of each material, so that you can choose the floor covering that best suits your needs.

Epoxy floor coatings, which are very successful in physical and chemical resistance, offer many advantages over other traditional applications applied on concrete.

Epoxy-based flooring materials:

  • It is a self-leveling product.
  • They are materials with high mechanical strength and chemical resistance.
  • They can withstand heavy and continuous traffic.
  • It is resistant to friction and abrasion.
  • It creates a jointless surface.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is hygienic.
  • It is a low maintenance coating.
  • It is a dust-free and hygienic environment.
  • It offers enhanced safety when the surface contains anti-slip additives.
  • Different patterns can also be applied to define driveways and/or identify walkable areas by creating lines and different color zones on the pavement.
  • It offers many options in terms of color and design.

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